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I’m an explorer and photography is my language.
I’d like to discover the relationship that exists between the flows of the time and some concept as age, duration and beauty. The transformation of the things by the age fascinating me continuously. I’m always searching for evidence of coexistence of the old and the actual.
Landscape is the subject for investigate the effect of the time in the nature on a long period while flowers is ideal for the short one. Cities, with the ancient places near the new ones,  also reveals the path of transformation (evolution and sometimes regression) by the time. I’m based close to Venice, and this is my natural place where to wander for.
I’m interested in exploring and discovering the nature of beauty in our time.  Aesthetics perhaps is the most appropriate word, because it speaks of sensation, of feeling.

All my works I believe are about these things.

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my PHOTO Blog: carlodainese.wordpress.com

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Noventa Padovana 35027 Padova – Italy
Tel.: +39 3343038431

Words (about photography)
thought and feeling, objectivity doesn’t exist, intellectual idea and emotional attachment, it’s not the end result, photography is a matter of tiny details, curiosity examination reading talking research attempts, expectation and actuality